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5 Reasons We Recommend Trane

Why We Recommend Trane Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment

Five Reasons We Recommend Trane

Trane is a company that everyone knows. They have been around since 1913 but started making heaters before that. Throughout the twentieth century, Trane continued to innovate. These innovations helped to revolutionize the HVAC industry and change the way we approached heating and cooling.
Although there are dozens of reasons to choose Trane equipment for your heating and cooling needs, here are five reasons we recommend them to our customers based on over 35 years of Fort Worth air-conditioning and heating experience.

1-Dependability: Trane units have a strong dependability rating. This is not a new reputation, as they have been notably dependable for a century. Trane heating and cooling units stand up as well or better than any other brand on the market. Nobody wants their HVAC system to break down. If you buy a Trane, you will experience fewer breakdowns. They scored an “Excellent Rating”, the highest attainable rating by Consumer Reports. This rating was achieved based on a survey of over 20,000 customers.
We at Lawrence Air and Heat, echo what Consumer Reports says as we have found that the Trane systems, we install require fewer repairs than other brands and if they are properly maintained, last longer.

2-Excellent Warranty: Trane commonly ranks amongst the highest brands for customer satisfaction. The main reason more homeowners rank Trane highest is their warranty. While Trane heating and cooling systems break down less often than other brands, they have a reputation for always honoring their warranties. At Lawrence Air and Heat, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and appreciate how Trane has had an impeccable track record with us in backing up their equipment if it ever breaks. Trane’s standard base warranty can last for up to 20 years depending on the part. Since most HVAC systems have a lifespan of only 15 years, you will be covered should something go wrong.

3-“Right Fit” Systems: This means that by using a Trane system we can match the best equipment for your needs. If a system is too powerful or too weak to support the square footage of your home this will result in stressed or broken systems, higher than-needed electric bills, or even mold damage; not to mention an uncomfortable home. Trane has a variety of equipment that we can use to match the perfect system for your home and budget.

4-Innovation: Trane has been keeping homes and businesses comfortable for over 100 years. That means they have the experience and understanding of HVAC systems that few can match. In working with many other brands, we have found that Trane heating and cooling systems are typically ahead of the industry standard. When you buy a Trane, you aren’t getting just some “regular” heating and cooling system. Trane systems have innovations in air purification, energy usage and efficiency, heat distribution, and even home apps.  You are getting a system that has been built from the ground up by Trane. Every component has been tested and checked. Your system will be efficient and functional. This approach is unique to Trane. they have been innovating technologies for heating and cooling for their entire existence. In fact, that’s what they started off doing. They got their first patents for water-based cooling systems in the 1930s!

 5-Quietness: Central heat and air units can be loud. In fact, you can often hear your neighbor’s unit from inside your house. It can sometimes sound like an engine is being revved or a jet is flying over at low altitude. That can be both annoying and problematic. Trane heating and air units are among the quietest in the industry. If you live in a residential area where the homes are close together this can be especially nice. You and your neighbors won’t have to hear your system going through the hot and cold months. The important number to remember is 60 dB, the level of an average conversation between two people. When you shop for appliances that are located inside your home, shoot for a rating between 40-50 dB. Equipment that’s outside of your home, like an HVAC system, can go a little higher to 70 or 80 dB, since you won’t be exposed to the sound all the time. To make it easy on shoppers, most product websites will display their decibel ratings. For example, Trane does this for its air conditioners and other systems. Consumer Reports is also a great resource for appliance comparison shopping. 

So, whether you are in Southlake, Keller, Watauga, Fort Worth, or any of the surrounding areas, you know how hot our summers are and we at Lawrence Air and Heat have found that the Trane systems, have the strength to keep your home comfortable all year long.



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