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Regular Maintenance, Why do it?
July 29, 2020 Richard Taveria

Regular Maintenance, Why do it?

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Regular Maintenance, Why do it?

Everyone’s air conditioning and heating system needs to be cared for or it’s certain to cost you more $$ in the long run. From air conditioning failures on a hot summer evening, when most reasonably priced AC companies are closed for the day, to less efficiency and life expectancy of your HVAC system if it is not maintained.

Prevention of Costly Repairs

Air conditioning and heating issues can cost a lot of money and can easily be avoided when you make regular maintenance a priority. A skilled HVAC technician will often spot problem areas in a maintenance checkup before they become a surprise. If you are not regularly servicing your HVAC system, small issues can turn into larger problems. Imagine having a small $100 issue and then it turns into having to replace your entire HVAC system! At Lawrence air conditioning we provide a bi-annual service to help you rest easier at night. Does this mean you are guaranteed to never have a surprise issue? No, but it will help prevent them.

Improvement of the Quality of Air in Your Home

One of the many functions of your HVAC system is to filter out pollutants in the air. When your system is not functioning properly or is dirty, the filtering process can decrease and the quality of air in your home can be affected. Your HVAC system has to work hard to filter out allergens and pollutants, therefore your system functions, the better your air quality will be.

 Extension of your HVAC system life

With a car, the better you take care of it, the longer the life of the car will be. This is the same for your air conditioning and heating system. With proper maintenance, a systemcan last well over 10 years. Air conditioning and heating units aren’t cheap to have installed, so it makes sense to get your system to last as long as possible. With proper maintenance, you can push paying for a new system well into the future.

Higher Efficiency

A well-maintained air-conditioning unit will run more efficiently, no surprise there. Research shows that dirty or unmaintained units need to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of cooling as a well-maintained unit. Which means a system that has been serviced regularly is under less stress and in turn will cost less in the long run.